The Virtual Speaker Series provides interactive, low-cost, live, virtual, entrepreneurship broadcasts featuring the country’s top young entrepreneurs. Hosts can choose from one or both of the following tracks:
Before During After
Participants can pose questions to the speaker and vote on questions they’d like answered during the live broadcast. Speakers deliver a short keynote presentation followed by Q&A from the audience and emcee. Each event lasts for 1.5 hours and can be broadcast to an auditorium audience or shared individually to distance learners. The broadcast is turned into full video, video clips, audio, notes, a transcript, and teaching materials that can be used by hosts in the classroom or shared with participants as archives.

certificateParticipants who attend and participate in 8 of the 10 events receive a certificate.

Event Agenda

Topic Content Time
Introduction by Emcee
  • About the virtual speaker series
  • How to participate / trivia question
  • Speaker introduction
  • Recognize host and sponsors
15 minutes
Entrepreneur Story
  • Young entrepreneur shares story to give context for audience.
10 minutes
Emcee Questions
  • Emcee poses detailed questions in a systematic way so that audience can replicate the basics of what the entrepreneur has done. The audience also asks questions and is rewarded with giveaways.
55 minutes
  • Evaluation
  • Call to Action
10 minutes

After the Event

Hosts and participants can access broadcast archives and related materials in different formats.

Why Bring the Series

  • 10 virtual presentations for the price of one in-person keynote.
  • Bring the country’s top young entrepreneurs into your classroom no matter where you are. Your participants are guaranteed to relate to the presenters.
  • Provide repeated, in-depth exposure on a number of topics so participants can fully understand and feel confident starting a business.

How Other Organizations Are Using the Series

  • Bring dry subjects like finance to life with a young entrepreneur's story.
  • Offer top-notch, hard-to-get national speakers into your region even if it's located off the beaten path or you don’t have the funds to get them to campus.
  • Provide co-curricular programming for distance learning students.
  • Provide a speaker series through a student club.
  • Have a donor or local company sponsor the series.