Creating Your Own Job Track

This track is aimed at individuals exploring what it means to be an entrepreneur and how to prepare to be one. At the same time, it introduces "entrepreneurial mindset" principles that can be used by anybody immediately to land and make the most out of a dream job or internship.

Getting good grades and going to the right school are no longer enough to land jobs and internships. Many companies are simply not hiring. The "entrepreneurial mindset" is necessary to be able for individuals to differientiate themselves based on their strengths and passions, present themselves effectively, and identify areas where they can add value to a company.

Date Speaker Description  
Sep 21 Duane Spires While studying at the University of South Florida, Duane Spires took his passion for sports and started his company, Extreme Youth Sports, focusing on sports enrichment classes in karate, dance, cheerleading, tennis, fitness and team sports.  
Oct 19 Alexandra Mysoor By the age of 24, Alexandra Mysoor built a PR company to $1 million in 18 months. After selling her business and starting a family, she founded Generation Orange, an online retail site selling natural products for babies and the home, that sells more than $1 million of product.  
Nov 9 Rebecca Kousky Immediately after graduating from Washington University with a degree in social work, Rebecca Kouksy started an international non-profit, Nest. She is able to make a difference for women in developing countries by utilizing microbartering and applying simple business models to skills and trades that already exist in their communities.  
Dec 14 Hezekiah Griggs At the age of 7, Hezekiah Griggs started his first business and never stopped. During his teen years, he took his expertise in youth marketing and founded HG3 Media after consulting for Fortune 500 companies on their marketing, banking and media relations with the teen market.  
Jan 18 Jeremy Johnson Starting young, Jeremy Johnson founded his first company, a market place for virtual currency, at the age of 15. He continued to leveraged inter-webs to enhance the way people interact and learn while establishing his company, 2tor, during his studies at Princeton University.  
Feb 15 Hiten Shah Hitten Shah started young by founding an internet marketing consulting firm, after which he went on to create an analytics tool called Crazy Egg. He has currently built a data driven solution to help businesses make better strategic decisions in his analytic platform, KISSmetrics.  
Mar 21 Elizabeth Davis Only days after graduation from Vanderbilt University, Elizabeth Davis moved to Rwanda to volunteer with grass roots education projects. She founded the Akilah Institute for Women in 2008, and prepares students for meaningful employment and launch ventures after graduation.  
Apr 18 Jake Nickell Jake Nickell, at the ripe young age of 20, took T-shirts to the next level with his company, Threadless,which turned into a global phenomenon. He has cultivated a unique company atmosphere to encourage the creativity of his team.  
May 16 Max Durovic After finishing his first year at Georgetown University, Max Durovic found a unique way to capture the attention of spectators and communicate a targeted message through sign-spinning at his company, AArrow Advertising. Since it started, his company has been the world's largest guerilla marketing franchise.  
Jun 20 Eric Corl At 22, Eric started, which has rapidly become the largest online marketplace for intellectual property. Recently, through legislation passed by the JOBS Act, Eric started Fundable, a crowdfunding platform where entrepreneurs can raise funding for their idea through community "backers".  


The Creating Your Own Job Track live broadcast will be held at 3:45 - 5:15 PM (EST) on the third Wednesday of every month except for November and December when it will be held on the second Tuesday.

The Succeeding as an Entrepreneur Track live broadcast will be held at 5:30 - 7:00 PM (EST) on the third Wednesday of every month except for November and December when it will be held on the second Tuesday.


“We brought the Virtual Speaker Series into our Intro to Small Business Management class. We have lots of great local entrepreneurs in Las Vegas, but we chose to bring in the Virtual Speaker Series because the speakers are young and can really relate to the students. The professor loved bringing in real entrepreneurs into the classroom. I loved building a relationship with the professor and promoting our upcoming business plan competition. The students were engaged the whole presentation and asked lots of great questions.”

Janet Runge, Director,
Entrepreneurship Center, UNLV